(Part 6) It was after midnight when evil descended out of the night and settled unnoticed in the narrow streets of the Gloucester City Mobile Trailer Park. Under a full moon, in a cloudless sky, it searched for the blood of innocence. Passing slowly through the each and every residence, it moved around unseen, sampling souls of the unsuspecting as it went by them.

While most of those sampled were sound asleep, those who were awake would have barely even realized what had happened to them. Disguising itself as nothing more than a cold, gentle breeze going by, only those completely aware of their surroundings, could have even detected the process at all, leaving them with goosebumps and a sense that something was amiss.
Moving silently through the dark, evil came and went unheeded. Always on the hunt, it got halfway through the park, before it came upon a small, silver colored trailer that promptly caught it’s attention.

Circling around to the front, it gathered itself together as it savored the rare vibrations emanating from someone inside. What it discovered was ‘Pure Innocence’, something that never needed to be sampled because it had a glow and a radiance all its own. Rare among humans, it could only come from babies and very young children and it was this very thing that evil loved to corrupt and destroy. However, bearers of ‘Pure Innocence’ were protected by the Blood of Christ and as such, rules had to be followed.

Michael Fright | Fiction Author

“You Haven’t Known Fear,’Til You’ve Been FRIGHT-end.”

Michael Fright

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