In the twenty four hours since the first confirmed reports hit the news of people just dropping dead for no apparent reason, a total of 357 known fatalities had been reported by the authorities. Spanning four states, with Southern New Jersey being hit the hardest, the victims had absolutely nothing in common with each other and this left law enforcement scratching their collective heads. Unable to provide much needed answers to a frightened public, the outcry on social media was swift and scathing.
By the next morning, the event was the top story around the world. Talked about on every major media outlet across television, radio, newspaper and the internet. Everyone was asking the same question…, “What killed all those people?”
The first big break in the case came just after dawn when investigators finally figured out, with relative ease, that all the victims, except for three, had all lived in Camden County, NJ. Now that an epicenter had been established, all manner of law enforcement, made up of Federal, State and local authorities, descended upon the residences of the deceased.
While the FBI, ATF and HOMELAND SECURITY wrangled with one another about who would take the lead in the high profile case, truth be told, the news media was doing much the same. Caught between the insanity of the press, the aggressiveness of law enforcement and the terror of the event, the citizens of Camden County found themselves with front row seats in an unbelievable nightmare.
As the coroner’s office worked feverishly around the clock to find the causes of death in the victims, others on social media were making certain videos go viral that happened to capture some of those unfortunate souls dropping dead.

Michael Fright | Fiction Author

“You Haven’t Known Fear,’Til You’ve Been FRIGHT-end.”

Michael Fright

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