A collection of seven short horror stories to keep you on the edge of your seat. 1. FEAR: A woman's early morning ride home from work turns into an unexpected nightmare! 2. ROAD KILL: Picking up where FEAR left off, a young woman heading home comes face to face with HELL on wheels! 3. ASYLUM: Picking up where ROAD KILL left off, a trio of friends coming back from a failed ghost hunt discover something more terrifying than they ever could've imagined 4. GASP!: A woman awakes in total darkness, unsure about where she is or how she got there, leading her into believing she's in purgatory 5. THE THING IN THE OLD HOUSE: A young boy discovers first hand what may have happened to his late uncle when his father was just a boy!! 6. THE GLOVE: A young child asleep in his crib is awaken by a glove rising up from underneath his bed..., with no arm attached to it. [ Another true story by the author ] 7. THE PRESENCE: A boy playing with a toy alone in his room asks Satan if he was there and gets an immediate unexpected reply that haunts him for days. [ Based on a true story by the author ]. Remember...., You haven't known fear, 'til you've been FRIGHT-en