(Part 1)

The time on the radio said 2:03am.

After closing the door of her car, Cheryl Meyers gave a big tired yawn then slowly pulled the seat belt across her, clicking it in place. She was going home now. Having finished an 8 hr shift as a waitress at the Philly Diner in Runnemede, all that was left for her to do now was drive the 11 minute ride home.
Inserting her key into the ignition, she started the car, then rested her head back against the seat while waiting for the engine to warm up. It was cold outside, 29 °, so she tucked her hands into her jacket pockets until she could get the heater running.
As she sat there in the dark with her eyes closed, the cell phone in her purse suddenly began to ring, startling her. Pulling her hands out, she immediately started digging through her bag, trying desperately to locate it before she missed the call.
Finding it, she pressed a button on the screen, answering, “Hello,” before even placing it against her ear.
“Hey, Babe,” her husband could be heard saying over the phone, “I just wanted to let you know I was still up waiting for you.”
Cheryl smiled. “Hi hon. I’m already in the car, about to leave.”
“Miss you”, he told her.
“Miss you, too,” she replied, “See you in a few minutes.”
“Ok, bye.”
“Bye,” she said as she hung up.
Placing the phone on the passenger seat, she turned the heater on. Waving her hand in front of the vent, she could feel hot air blowing out.
“Yes,” she shouted excitedly to herself. Putting the car into reverse, she backed out of the parking spot and straightened out. Then, after shifting it into drive, she made a left out the driveway onto the Black Horse Pike.

Michael Fright | Fiction Author

“You Haven’t Known Fear,’Til You’ve Been FRIGHT-end.”

Michael Fright

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